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Gringotts Bank: ATTN James and Remus

He sighed inwardly when he noticed Potter's attention switch from himself to Remus in just a few words from the fifth year. Severus could almost thank Remus for it...

Scowling at the way Potter oozed his 'innocent charm' upon his mother and Mr. Lupin was sickening as it was suspicious. The nervous feeling in his stomach grew a little more. He wanted to interrupt the conversation to have his mother and him go down to the vault and then collect what was needed, or for that matter perhaps just go back to The Leaky Cauldron and come back here tomorrow???

He kept most of this inner battle well schooled by an impassive mask however. And it was a good thing he knew how as well, for Potter had just said something that he knew was laced with an ulterior motive.

Looking to his mother, his eyes were the only things that escaped his now full-blown anxiety. The other two boys were unable to see the look given because of his curtain of dark locks.

Mother let us go to the vault and continue on our way like old times... Mother please don't fall for that Gryffindor sack of sod... Don't you bloody let me Go!

Mother, as he silently cursed from the expression he received from her meant only one thing, nodded to Potter and gave a small smile. "I don't mind at all, Mr. Lupin do you object?"

His mother was nutters.. Was bloody crazy and he would have to be with these...Gryffindors for at least an hour out of common courtesy. Dear God, what was he going to do?

Thoughts of being able to get a few more books at Flourish and Blotts on different subjects were dashed for the time being. He had been counting on the time away from the Manor and Father for all summer now!

Worst of all though... he had a horrible feeling this was only the beginning for the next year...
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