James Potter (quidditch_king) wrote in prelude_hprp,
James Potter

Back to the Alley

James did not know what to be more pleased about. Imagining the look on Snape's face, should the mask have not been schooled so well, when his mother unknowingly sentenced him to a morning of doom. Or, being able to miss the purpose of the trip to look at other, more interesting things, with Remus.
The 'tedious' aspect of shopping was immediately dropped, if only for an hour. But that was all he needed.

"Thanks!" James exclaimed exuberantly. "I promise we'll all be back on time." Another slight nod to excuse himself, he faced Snape and displayed the purest smile he could manage without cracking into badly restrained triumph.
With that, he trotted lightly over to the entrance, now exit, where Remus awaited them. Winking at his old friend he went past, he burst out of the set of double doors and into the bright rays of a positively lovely August day. Granted, most of the regard towards the weather was magnified with his current mood, but it was a fine day for activities nonetheless, whatever those activities may be.
He waited at the front of the ivory building until the others caught up, and promptly hooked an arm around Remus' neck.

"You git! What's with all those glum looks in there?" James demanded. "You'd think I were a complete stranger by the way you gave me such a sorry introduction." His chastising could not continue with a stern disposition any longer though, and he quickly ruffled the head of sandy hair for good measure before letting him off. He would have commented on the observed relations between Remus and his parents, but unable to forget Snape's presence he ended it there.

"Well isn't this a wonderful start to the year? Slytherin and Gryfinndor, having a grand old time together. Quite the headline I do say so myself. I don't know how credible the story would be though. Seeing how it is Snape with us...

"Let's make it an hour well spent then, shall we? We wouldn't want to make a bad impression and ruin our chances of doing this again next year."
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