Bellatrix Black (black_bellatrix) wrote in prelude_hprp,
Bellatrix Black

Flourish and Blotts:Attn anyone

Bellatrix Black walked into Blourish and Blotts with a look of disdain spread on her face. She looked down at her school book list and sneered, especially at the book needed for Defense Against the Dark Arts. What rubbish.. she thought. That class has always been a joke. Now if they would actually teach the Dark Arts..... It didn't matter. She only had one more year to go. I wish we weren't going back so soon.... This past summer had been different from the normal boring, monotomous ones. She had met someone who changed her life forever. Someone who showed her what the Dark Arts were really about. She couldn't wait to join him as soon as she was out of school. The Wizarding World will change..for the better, she thought wickedly. Soon we will be rid of mudbloods and halfbloods. The pureboods will reign. As it should be.. She hummed quietly to herself as she looked for the books she needed, wondering if she would bump into anyone worth talking to in this place.
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