James Potter (quidditch_king) wrote in prelude_hprp,
James Potter

Temporary Hiatus. The search for Padfoot and Wormtail!

Quite amused by the dry humor regarding newspapers, in his own perspective, while watching the departing back of Severus Snape, he fought with the inner turmoil on which action to take. And he had so much plans for their early reunion and catching up too. So to speak.

"Other matters to attend?" James mused evenly amongst Remus before raising his voice significantly. "I just hope one of those things involve bathing someday. Oh! And Sni--Severus!" James called directly after him running a few paces forwards and waving his right arm widely in the air as if he were signaling something incredibly big, or stupid. His voice also managed to take on a sort of protective maternal tone. "Remember to be back in an hour, if we don't find you first..." Recovering from the trailing volume of his voice. "Okay?"

Not expecting an answer, he went back to Remus and promptly began to pull him into the main flow of the paths. When he was sure that the other would follow and not drop out on him again, he let go of his wrist and pushed amongst the crowd. Glancing at each window about them, not seeing their displays, he tried to look ardently at the people within and distinguish the shapes milling about behind the glass glares of light.

"I just realized how inconsiderate I am..." James suddenly confided, wistfully, his sudden revelation with the smallest hint of a frown. "We were almost going to have some fun with Snape, without Sirius and Peter! Bloody hell, I wish there were some way we could just find them. That is, if they're even here."

With a gurgled sigh of frustration to cut off his own rambling, he crossed his arms and turned heel to face Remus and get a few suggestions. And as intuition and absent minded logic would have it, he had led the way over and stopped right outside with his back facing the joke shop.
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