Ashleigh (severus_) wrote in prelude_hprp,

Flourish and Blotts: ATTN Bellatrix

Having read a few of the titles of the chapters, Severus caught himself smiling. Schooling it back into a much better sneer than needed, he tucked the book under his arm, along with his ingredients from the Apothecary and roamed for another book to quelch his bottomless thirst for knowledge.

Just as he was about to grab another book, he heard the older girl speak. Actually surprised that she did indeed know him, he masked it with a polite impassive look. "I am Bellatrix. And you?"

With this, he proceeded to take the book off the shelf while still keeping eye contact with her. Another common Slytherin rule: Never let a fellow snake see your back, for one never knows if a knife is wielded in one hand.
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