Sirius Black (_padfootblack) wrote in prelude_hprp,
Sirius Black

Diagon Alley: ATTN James and Lupin

As Remus said that the two had been talking about him, Sirius was about to ask if it was about how good looking he was until James cut in and told what has just recently gone on. When Snape’s name was mentioned, Sirius looking between the two boys’s in completely disbelief.

Snape? Of all people to be talking to Remus, why him? Please tell me you were thinking of cursing his greasy nose off him or something the whole time you were talking to him…” Sirius said this last bit, already knowing the answer. He knew very well that Remus Lupin was never the kind of person to put a curse on even on his worst enemy unless his or another’s life was in danger.

OOC: Realy sorry for not having RPed the last few day's, I've been a bit busy the last few day's x.x
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