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[13 Sep 2003|08:54pm]

[ mood | angry ]

BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111!!!!



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Diagon Alley Closing [03 Sep 2003|10:11pm]

With the latest news of Remus being made prefect, James' morning was virtually brimming over in good spirits. He did catch the miffed modesty though, and with another glance over the letter just to relish in their reinforced rein of the school year, pushed the simple parchment back to Remus. With that elation overcome, James eagerly walked forwards, down the busy alley to catch the quidditch shop that would not go anywhere. He did not look back throughout his quick strides, but he knew that the two of them most likely knew where he was headed. Reaching a hand into his left pocket, he absent mindedly thumbed throughout the coins of gold that he had been saving on his allowance just to spend it today. With this gesture, however, his mind was caught up in daydreaming of all that he could choose from. Upon rounding the next corner, he ran into one of the last people he would have wanted to come across at that pivotal instant when his destination was in clear view.

"Mister Potter!" His mother boomed condescendingly. Despite that he was nearly taller then she was, her tone and expression clearly looked down on him. "Your father told me that you were a bit impatient to wait for him."

"Hullo Mum. I see you've already gotten a lot of the shopping done," James greeted, skirting around her opening thesis. "I saw Remus and Sirius and you know how it is when you see your friends after all these months. We were just going to do a little shopping together so we'll meet you later?"

"No you don't." Mrs. Potter stated firmly. She had half the mind to yank him back by the closest accessible ear, but considering his entry into the 5th year in less then a week, settled with constricting his upper arm with her free hand. "I'm very sorry boys," Jame's mother told the other two as-a-matter-of-factly once they swam into view amongst the crowd. "But James can't stay too much longer. Must hurry home to begin packing, you know how it is. Say good bye James."

James could not help but to gape at the cruelty of it all. Not only were they going home now when he had not even found Peter, but her grip itself told him that he would not be able to visit his favorite quidditch shop. This had to be the worst punishment since confiscating his broom last week because would just not stop practicing on it. With a half defiant, half begging, look for his mother to let go, he heaved a gargantuan sigh and turned towards all of them when she stared firmly ahead.

"You know, it wouldn't hurt if we maybe got each other a little something," casting furtive glances back at the shop, "since we haven't seen each other in so long..."

"Good bye boys, thank you for keeping James out of trouble," Mrs. Potter finished for him and started tugging him forcefully away towards the exit of the district. Once she could not see their former company she launched into a restrained tone of lecture, of which, James did not really care to listen to.

"See you in school!" James yelled back to them, waving grandly with his entirely capable arm.

OOC: I am so sorry that this took forever to get out. x_x If you would like, you can tie off your character meanderings here or you can simply leave it as that and start again at the platform. Thank you everyone who participated in the opening scene! I really do hope that our dormant players will show up soon in the next and that we haven't actually lost more people. T_T Let us know if you're having trouble working LJ or anything.
Also, I haven't forgotten about the icons I said I'd do, so I'll find a way to get them to you soon.
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Diagon Alley: ATTN James and Lupin [16 Feb 2003|10:44am]
“Remus! You’ve been made a prefect!? Let me see that!” He snatched the letter out of James’s hand and skimmed the letter. Once seeing that it was true that his friend really had been appointed prefect, Sirius grinned. It was the grin that usually always got James and himself into detention.

“Do you realize how great this is!? One of us, a prefect! There’s no way we can ever get caught now!” Sirius did a little victory dance right there in the middle of the crowded street of Diagon Alley.

OOC: Boy did that just suck… I tried to make it longer, with no luck. My mind doesn’t work to well in the morning... even if I've been up for over an hour. Btw, nice avatar Prongsy! I’ve been trying to look for good one’s of Padfoot, but I’ve had no luck ;_;
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Diagon Alley: Remus and Sirius [15 Aug 2003|11:13pm]

Heaving a rather exasperated sigh as his regard for Remus' lack of spirit, James shrugged it off and cast a hopeless glance at the other raven-haired boy before following. Too soon it was back to the boring drab of shopping with his parents, but at least Sirius did not seem to have a ticking time limit over his head. Neither did he, but his possible limitation lay within being spotted by either one of his parents, both of which were probably a bit miffed by his slipping away.

His wary recollection of his family was snuffed out as his attention then returned to their pacifist companion. The glances Remus passed between the letter and the alley were subtle, but easy enough to pique his interest. Before he could have leave to, of which was unlikely anyhow considering how secretive he made it appear, James had strode up directly behind before stepping out and snatching the parchment from Remus' hands.

"What do we have here?" He mused as a forefinger deftly pushed the glasses higher upon his nose bridge. As his eyes quickly darted across the letters to skim the contents, before it might be snatched away, the chocolate orbs widened and his face lit. "This is fantastic Remus! Why didn't you tell us that you've been made a prefect?!"

OOC: Sorry if you didn't want this to happen Recca. xx I would have asked to make sure it was all right but you weren't on. T_T And yeah, I think the end of the 'hour' in the Diagon Alley scenario would be a safe place to leave the rest of the boring shopping events to themselves. Hopefully the rest of the people will jump in once we get to the train and Hogwarts. ^^
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Diagon Alley: ATTN James and Lupin [14 Feb 2003|09:26am]
As Remus said that the two had been talking about him, Sirius was about to ask if it was about how good looking he was until James cut in and told what has just recently gone on. When Snape’s name was mentioned, Sirius looking between the two boys’s in completely disbelief.

Snape? Of all people to be talking to Remus, why him? Please tell me you were thinking of cursing his greasy nose off him or something the whole time you were talking to him…” Sirius said this last bit, already knowing the answer. He knew very well that Remus Lupin was never the kind of person to put a curse on even on his worst enemy unless his or another’s life was in danger.

OOC: Realy sorry for not having RPed the last few day's, I've been a bit busy the last few day's x.x
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[12 Aug 2003|08:56pm]
Walking down the alleyway for Lucius was always a pleasurable task. When Malfoy is your last name you get to have that certain sneer for those that arn't up to snuff. It was done primarly for their own benefit. At least someone around here was going to act like a proper wizard!

He checked his list for the last few items he needed for a trimuphant year at Hogwarts. And strode into a shop with a smile on his face and some money in his pocket.
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Flourish and Blotts: ATTN Bellatrix [11 Aug 2003|09:55pm]

Lucius Malfoy? Who didn't know him? Of course the Gryffindorks would certainly sneer at the name, the Malfoy line was very powerful. If you were looking for power in the pureblood society, Malfoy was the one to try and become allies with.

Severus nodded for his reply, "I do. Father and Mr. Malfoy are partners I suppose..."

Taking a slight glance at the book he had taken, he already knew he was going to want it by the judge of the cover. When it came to Dark books... You really could judge a book by its cover. So, he tucked that with the other under his arm.
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Flourish and Blotts: Attn Severus [11 Aug 2003|02:47pm]

She eyed him approvingly. This boy knew how to play. What else could she say to him? Asking him if he was looking forward to going back to school sounded so idiotic to her. She thought for a moment. He knows Lucius Malfoy, she mused. She was very interested in getting to know Lucius Malfoy. Unfortunately for her, it seemed that he didn't even know she was alive. That's alright, though. I like a little challenge..
"You do know Lucius Malfoy, don't you?" she finally asked, after a long silence between them.
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Diagon Alley: ATTN Remus & Sirius [10 Aug 2003|11:17pm]

James had been about to turn and actually acknowledge what shop they had come upon after the sudden offset of muffled explosions and the gaggle of girls pushing past him and Remus in a huff. He did not need to look behind to distinguish that voice and match it to the source, however. "Sirius!" Lean form inclined slightly from not bracing himself for the gesture, but all the same his countenance was accompanied by a broad smile. A real smile this time, not one of the forced forms of amusement that would fail scrutiny under better-trained eyes. Reclaiming his composure to stand rightly, he lifted the weight of Sirius' arm from his shoulders so that he could turn and better face them both to spout off his news.

"'We were just talking about you'?" James echoed Remus. "More like, 'we were just tearing apart Diagon Alley looking to find you'!" A bit of an exaggeration when based on a first good guess of a fluke; but it would have happened anyway should the other ebon haired boy not been within his main area of interest. With this rather different, though enthusiastic, greeting, James continued. "You wouldn't believe who I found Remus in quite the conversation with this morning." He grinned at Remus, knowing full well that with the revealed man of interest there was scarcely conversation to be had. "Snape." He finished, with a curl of distaste upon his tongue as if the single word itself was rancid. "Imagine having to see him first thing in the morning." Wistfully, he added in sympathy for Remus before picking up his former tone.

"I had to get Remus away from his parents, it was like he was drowning. And in the process, I got Snape to come along and spend an hour with us as well. Without any parents around on a lovely busy day full of people."

A rather impish glint caught in those hazel orbs spurred by the plans he had formed, but now that he was with two of his close friends the dwindling hour hardly seemed worth his time in making Snape's life more miserable. They had all school year to do that.
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Flourish and Blotts: ATTN Bellatrix [11 Aug 2003|01:23am]

Having read a few of the titles of the chapters, Severus caught himself smiling. Schooling it back into a much better sneer than needed, he tucked the book under his arm, along with his ingredients from the Apothecary and roamed for another book to quelch his bottomless thirst for knowledge.

Just as he was about to grab another book, he heard the older girl speak. Actually surprised that she did indeed know him, he masked it with a polite impassive look. "I am Bellatrix. And you?"

With this, he proceeded to take the book off the shelf while still keeping eye contact with her. Another common Slytherin rule: Never let a fellow snake see your back, for one never knows if a knife is wielded in one hand.
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Flourish and Blotts ATTN Severus [10 Aug 2003|11:47pm]

Bellatrix picked up one of the books and smiled. Ah, I'm surprised to see this type of book here at Flourish and Blotts she thought to herself. I can't wait to get out of here so I can start reading it. As she turned and started walking towards another aisle to get her schoolbooks, she stopped abruptly. Wasn't that Severus Snape? He was younger than her. She wouldn't normally notice someone younger; they weren't worth the time of day. But Severus Snape was intreging to her. Neither her of Severus were very popular, although she couldn't care less what those fools at Hogwarts thought of her. By himself, as usual, she mused. I suppose I could say hello. She walked slowly towards Severus, who was being careful not to notice her. She smiled. "All right, Severus?" she asked, holding her new book closely to her chest.
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Apothecary and Flourish and Blotts: ATTN Bellatrix [10 Aug 2003|09:08pm]

Ignoring the taunts from Potter, Severus briskly walked towards the Apothecary three shops from Gringotts. He would have an hour to himself, and would be able to get a few things without his mother ever noticing. He almost owed it to Potter for that one... Almost.

Looking into the barrels placed outside the Apothecary, he was greeted with things that were of the usual content that he owned. He would replenish that list when he continued the interrupted afternoon with Mother. Nodding to that, he opened the door and was greeted with the familiar jingle of the bell. Not to mention the owner a few moments afterward.

"Ah! Young Snape, so glad to see you once again my boy!"

Severus nodded to the man and crossed his arms, never disappointing the owner by this gesture one bit. He was accustomed to the Snapes' manner. "What certain things do you have today Sir?"

"Glad you asked, glad you asked! We've just replenished much of stock of faerie wings and rattlers' skin today with a fresh supply!"

"Hn.. Might I inspect them to see?"


As the owner hurried to the back of the Apothecary to get what was needed, Severus went over to the glass displays to see what was contained. He wasn't disappointed at all either, thankfully. And as the man came out from the darkened curtain, Severus inspected, and soon instructed to get a nice quantity of half a dozen items that were certainly Not on the list for Hogwarts Double Potions.

A quick good-bye and Severus headed towards Flourish and Blotts. He wanted to get a few different spell books, and perhaps renew his subscription to Ars Alchemica: a potions monthly letter where Masters published their theories.

Looking down the aisles, in case Potter and his crew were around, he was soon greeted with a fellow Slytherin. Hn, wasn't she a sixth or seventh year this year? No matter, she probably wouldn't recognize him anyway. Unfortunately she was down the aisle as to which a few of the more darker books that he had been wanting to inspect were stocked.

Down the aisle he went, and gently touching the spines of the books before he plucked one off the shelf that seemed much to his reading style (as long it wasn't something like those silly school girl romances he would read it). He would not take notice of her, if she did not take notice of him; a simple Slytherin rule.
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Diagon Alley: ATTN James and Lupin [10 Feb 2003|12:20pm]
When Sirius entered the joke shop, he was immediately greeted by the owner of the shop by name. The joke shop being his favorite place in Diagon Alley, he went to it at least two times during each summer, so that over the years the owner had learned his name.

“We have a few new supplies since you last visited,” the shop keeper said motioning towards a large display of Fillibuster No Heat, Wet Start fireworks. “New product, just released two weeks ago!”

Sirius walked over to the display and picked up one of the fireworks, turning it over in his hands and examining it. “Wet start, eh? Does it really work?” he was a bit unsure of such a thing. “Sure does!” the owner said, just as a three familiar looking 4th year Gryffindor girl’s entered.

The shop keeper left Sirius to great the girl’s and help them find the items they were looking for. Curiosity got the best of Sirius and after making sure everyone’s backs were turned, he put the firework down and took out his wand and made a small spurt of water come out of it and onto the end of the firework.

The firework zoomed towards the group of girl’s and burst into large green sparks only feet from them, causing them to shriek in surprise. The girl’s, scared out of their wits, quickly left the shop. “So, it does work!” Sirius was quite impressed with it, while the owner of the shop, on the other hand, wasn’t. He glared at Sirius, seemingly upset to have lost the customers, “Sirius, I’m going to have to ask you to go.”

Sirius turned to leave frowned slightly, he hadn’t even looked at half the things he had planned to. He shrugged this off making a mental note to check out Zonko’s, which he thought to be a better shop anyways, at the next Hogsmead trip.

As soon as the shop door closed behind him, he caught sight of a familiar back with a mass of untidy black hair, only feet from him. Sirius almost leaped for joy at seeing that he was accompanied by someone else he had hoped to see.

“Why, If it isn’t James Potter and Remus Lupin!” Sirius said loudly, rushing foreword putting an arm over each of their shoulders, “Just the men I was hoping to see!”
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Temporary Hiatus. The search for Padfoot and Wormtail! [10 Aug 2003|12:26am]

Quite amused by the dry humor regarding newspapers, in his own perspective, while watching the departing back of Severus Snape, he fought with the inner turmoil on which action to take. And he had so much plans for their early reunion and catching up too. So to speak.

"Other matters to attend?" James mused evenly amongst Remus before raising his voice significantly. "I just hope one of those things involve bathing someday. Oh! And Sni--Severus!" James called directly after him running a few paces forwards and waving his right arm widely in the air as if he were signaling something incredibly big, or stupid. His voice also managed to take on a sort of protective maternal tone. "Remember to be back in an hour, if we don't find you first..." Recovering from the trailing volume of his voice. "Okay?"

Not expecting an answer, he went back to Remus and promptly began to pull him into the main flow of the paths. When he was sure that the other would follow and not drop out on him again, he let go of his wrist and pushed amongst the crowd. Glancing at each window about them, not seeing their displays, he tried to look ardently at the people within and distinguish the shapes milling about behind the glass glares of light.

"I just realized how inconsiderate I am..." James suddenly confided, wistfully, his sudden revelation with the smallest hint of a frown. "We were almost going to have some fun with Snape, without Sirius and Peter! Bloody hell, I wish there were some way we could just find them. That is, if they're even here."

With a gurgled sigh of frustration to cut off his own rambling, he crossed his arms and turned heel to face Remus and get a few suggestions. And as intuition and absent minded logic would have it, he had led the way over and stopped right outside with his back facing the joke shop.
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Back to the Alley: ATTN James and Remus? [09 Aug 2003|05:04pm]

Perfect. Just perfect. He now had to accompany the banes of his existence for an hour. Not to forget that this alley was now just starting to fill too and the other two would join shortly. Bloody hell!

Scowling at the goblins as they glared back, he walked with a purposeful stride out of the gold and silver double doors of Gringotts Bank. Just to get the end of Potter's conspiracy speech to Lupin.

"You underestimate the situation Potter as per usual," Severus sneered. "No article would be made except for in the obituaries if we were not in public. Now if you have any other petty statements or displays, do so on your own time. I have other matters to attend."

Dressed in wizard black, much like his mother, he strode forward and started down the steps, his obsidian cape billowing behind him. Perhaps his condescending tone would keep them away. Perhaps he had just been a pawn of Potter's to get Lupin from his parents. He would let it slide... this once. And would go to the Apothecary to see what ingredients were in today.

One could only hope.
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Flourish and Blotts:Attn anyone [09 Aug 2003|04:43pm]

Bellatrix Black walked into Blourish and Blotts with a look of disdain spread on her face. She looked down at her school book list and sneered, especially at the book needed for Defense Against the Dark Arts. What rubbish.. she thought. That class has always been a joke. Now if they would actually teach the Dark Arts..... It didn't matter. She only had one more year to go. I wish we weren't going back so soon.... This past summer had been different from the normal boring, monotomous ones. She had met someone who changed her life forever. Someone who showed her what the Dark Arts were really about. She couldn't wait to join him as soon as she was out of school. The Wizarding World will change..for the better, she thought wickedly. Soon we will be rid of mudbloods and halfbloods. The pureboods will reign. As it should be.. She hummed quietly to herself as she looked for the books she needed, wondering if she would bump into anyone worth talking to in this place.
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Back to the Alley [09 Aug 2003|12:28pm]

James did not know what to be more pleased about. Imagining the look on Snape's face, should the mask have not been schooled so well, when his mother unknowingly sentenced him to a morning of doom. Or, being able to miss the purpose of the trip to look at other, more interesting things, with Remus.
The 'tedious' aspect of shopping was immediately dropped, if only for an hour. But that was all he needed.

"Thanks!" James exclaimed exuberantly. "I promise we'll all be back on time." Another slight nod to excuse himself, he faced Snape and displayed the purest smile he could manage without cracking into badly restrained triumph.
With that, he trotted lightly over to the entrance, now exit, where Remus awaited them. Winking at his old friend he went past, he burst out of the set of double doors and into the bright rays of a positively lovely August day. Granted, most of the regard towards the weather was magnified with his current mood, but it was a fine day for activities nonetheless, whatever those activities may be.
He waited at the front of the ivory building until the others caught up, and promptly hooked an arm around Remus' neck.

"You git! What's with all those glum looks in there?" James demanded. "You'd think I were a complete stranger by the way you gave me such a sorry introduction." His chastising could not continue with a stern disposition any longer though, and he quickly ruffled the head of sandy hair for good measure before letting him off. He would have commented on the observed relations between Remus and his parents, but unable to forget Snape's presence he ended it there.

"Well isn't this a wonderful start to the year? Slytherin and Gryfinndor, having a grand old time together. Quite the headline I do say so myself. I don't know how credible the story would be though. Seeing how it is Snape with us...

"Let's make it an hour well spent then, shall we? We wouldn't want to make a bad impression and ruin our chances of doing this again next year."
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[09 Feb 2003|10:54am]
Morning light flooded the large bedroom as a loud knocking sound came from the door, fallowed by a woman’s voice, “Sirius Black! Get up! I want you downstairs in five minutes!” The boy on the bed refused to listen to the woman, but instead rolled over and put a pillow over his head.

Five minutes had pasted, and Sirius hadn’t even made an attempt to get out of bed.

Within a few minutes a boy about the age of 11 with dark brown hair walked into the room, walking right to the bed and throwing the covers off Sirius. Sirius shivered slightly as the warmth of the covers suddenly disappeared, but still didn’t budge. The boy then leaned forward and yelled, “Get up!” right in his ear.

Sirius made a groggy sound and put his hand to his ear and mumbled, “Go away Regulus, I’m trying to sleep.”

The boy, Regulas smirked, “Mom’s mad at you, she’s been trying to get you up for over fifteen minutes. We got our Hogwarts letters today and mum wants us to go to Diagon Alley to get our supplies.”

Sirius sat up and looked at the boy. He was about to ask what he meant by “we”, until he suddenly remembered that his little brother was now 11, and going into his first year at Hogwarts on September 1st, as he himself would be going into his 5th year.

His brother turned to leave, only to quickly stop at the door and gleefully tell Sirius that their mother wasn’t allowing him to have breakfast this morning because it took him so long to get up.

Glaring after his little brother he muttered something before rolling out of bed and putting on the robes that had been bean left out for him, by one of the house elf’s no doubt. Once fully dressed he made his way down the hallway as slowly as possible, glaring at the portraits of long dead family members. It was well known by his friends that Sirius disliked almost everything about his dark family. Though, not even James Potter, the closest of his friends, had met his family.

As he made his way down to the basement kitchen , his mother and brother were already waiting by the father, his father was nowhere in sight. “About time,” his mother said coldly. Sirius paid no attention to the coldness in his mother’s voice; in fact, he was quite used to it. To his family, Sirius was far from a favorite. This was most likely just because out of a family full of hardly anything but Slytherin’s, he had been sorted into Gryffindor.

Regulas, fallowed by Mrs. Black took the pot on the mantel of the fireplace and threw the dust into the flames. Once his mother disappeared Sirius took the pot, threw down a handful of the green powder, and yelled “Diagon Alley”. Within moments Sirius was in the fireplace of the Leaky Cauldron, his mother and brother waiting for him.

“I want you back here in two hours, Sirius, no later.” Mrs. Black thrust a good sized sack of gold, along with his Hogwart’s letter into his hands before turning to go with Regulas. Sirius didn’t seem to mind at all that his mother and brother had left him, ever since his third year, Mrs. Black had sent Sirius to go to get his things on his own. He guessed she was only going this time to get things for her precious favorite son.

Sirius shoved the sack of gold into his pocket before opening the letter and scanning it. It was exactly as it always was, with a few differences to the book list. Normally, after searching the list, a 5th year would re-check the envelople, just to see if they were made a Prefect, but Sirius knew that no one in hell anyone would ever appoint him a Prefect. (OOC: I mainly did that part right there just to remind our Lupin that he would be a prefect, just incase it was forgotten)

Instead of going to get his supplies first, Sirius wondered the busy streets looking around for any sign of his three best friends. When not seeing them in the streets, he first went into the Quidditch shop, knowing that if James Potter would be anywhere, it would be in there, ogling the newest and fastest racing broom. Disappointed that James wasn’t in the Quidditch shop, he left and decided to go to Florish and Blotts, the book store to get the books he needed. It was more to look for Remus Lupin would more and likely be there than anything. As a worker helped him get his books, he peered down isles, hoping to see his friend looking for a new book to read along with their school work.

Even more disappointed not seeing James or Remus in either of their favorite places, and not knowing entirely sure where Peter might be, he made his way to the place he loved most, the joke shop.

(OOC: Sorry if it's a little long, and a little crapy towards the begining. Writers block is evil.)
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Gringotts: ATTN Severus and James [09 Aug 2003|03:55am]

Each word James said became more obnoxious than the last. Remus, however, expected nothing less from him. Preparing himself for the worst, Remus looked towards his parents and saw the familiar look of disgust/fear on his mother's face. Thankfully, his father had always been a little more lenient. He waiting patiently as his parents huddled in discussion over whether or not he could leave.

"Go ahead," Remus' father finally said.

"I expect to see you back here in one hour, Remus, no later," his mother said with a stern look on her face.

Severus' mother had already given her son permission to leave, but from the looks of it, Severus had been hoping for quite the opposite. Shrugging off the feeling that Severus was glaring at him, he walked towards the doors and waited for the other two to follow.
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Gringotts Bank: ATTN James and Remus [09 Aug 2003|02:22am]

He sighed inwardly when he noticed Potter's attention switch from himself to Remus in just a few words from the fifth year. Severus could almost thank Remus for it...

Scowling at the way Potter oozed his 'innocent charm' upon his mother and Mr. Lupin was sickening as it was suspicious. The nervous feeling in his stomach grew a little more. He wanted to interrupt the conversation to have his mother and him go down to the vault and then collect what was needed, or for that matter perhaps just go back to The Leaky Cauldron and come back here tomorrow???

He kept most of this inner battle well schooled by an impassive mask however. And it was a good thing he knew how as well, for Potter had just said something that he knew was laced with an ulterior motive.

Looking to his mother, his eyes were the only things that escaped his now full-blown anxiety. The other two boys were unable to see the look given because of his curtain of dark locks.

Mother let us go to the vault and continue on our way like old times... Mother please don't fall for that Gryffindor sack of sod... Don't you bloody let me Go!

Mother, as he silently cursed from the expression he received from her meant only one thing, nodded to Potter and gave a small smile. "I don't mind at all, Mr. Lupin do you object?"

His mother was nutters.. Was bloody crazy and he would have to be with these...Gryffindors for at least an hour out of common courtesy. Dear God, what was he going to do?

Thoughts of being able to get a few more books at Flourish and Blotts on different subjects were dashed for the time being. He had been counting on the time away from the Manor and Father for all summer now!

Worst of all though... he had a horrible feeling this was only the beginning for the next year...
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