Remus (_rjlupin) wrote in prelude_hprp,

Gringotts: ATTN Severus and James

Each word James said became more obnoxious than the last. Remus, however, expected nothing less from him. Preparing himself for the worst, Remus looked towards his parents and saw the familiar look of disgust/fear on his mother's face. Thankfully, his father had always been a little more lenient. He waiting patiently as his parents huddled in discussion over whether or not he could leave.

"Go ahead," Remus' father finally said.

"I expect to see you back here in one hour, Remus, no later," his mother said with a stern look on her face.

Severus' mother had already given her son permission to leave, but from the looks of it, Severus had been hoping for quite the opposite. Shrugging off the feeling that Severus was glaring at him, he walked towards the doors and waited for the other two to follow.
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