Ashleigh (severus_) wrote in prelude_hprp,

Back to the Alley: ATTN James and Remus?

Perfect. Just perfect. He now had to accompany the banes of his existence for an hour. Not to forget that this alley was now just starting to fill too and the other two would join shortly. Bloody hell!

Scowling at the goblins as they glared back, he walked with a purposeful stride out of the gold and silver double doors of Gringotts Bank. Just to get the end of Potter's conspiracy speech to Lupin.

"You underestimate the situation Potter as per usual," Severus sneered. "No article would be made except for in the obituaries if we were not in public. Now if you have any other petty statements or displays, do so on your own time. I have other matters to attend."

Dressed in wizard black, much like his mother, he strode forward and started down the steps, his obsidian cape billowing behind him. Perhaps his condescending tone would keep them away. Perhaps he had just been a pawn of Potter's to get Lupin from his parents. He would let it slide... this once. And would go to the Apothecary to see what ingredients were in today.

One could only hope.
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