Sirius Black (_padfootblack) wrote in prelude_hprp,
Sirius Black

Diagon Alley: ATTN James and Lupin

When Sirius entered the joke shop, he was immediately greeted by the owner of the shop by name. The joke shop being his favorite place in Diagon Alley, he went to it at least two times during each summer, so that over the years the owner had learned his name.

“We have a few new supplies since you last visited,” the shop keeper said motioning towards a large display of Fillibuster No Heat, Wet Start fireworks. “New product, just released two weeks ago!”

Sirius walked over to the display and picked up one of the fireworks, turning it over in his hands and examining it. “Wet start, eh? Does it really work?” he was a bit unsure of such a thing. “Sure does!” the owner said, just as a three familiar looking 4th year Gryffindor girl’s entered.

The shop keeper left Sirius to great the girl’s and help them find the items they were looking for. Curiosity got the best of Sirius and after making sure everyone’s backs were turned, he put the firework down and took out his wand and made a small spurt of water come out of it and onto the end of the firework.

The firework zoomed towards the group of girl’s and burst into large green sparks only feet from them, causing them to shriek in surprise. The girl’s, scared out of their wits, quickly left the shop. “So, it does work!” Sirius was quite impressed with it, while the owner of the shop, on the other hand, wasn’t. He glared at Sirius, seemingly upset to have lost the customers, “Sirius, I’m going to have to ask you to go.”

Sirius turned to leave frowned slightly, he hadn’t even looked at half the things he had planned to. He shrugged this off making a mental note to check out Zonko’s, which he thought to be a better shop anyways, at the next Hogsmead trip.

As soon as the shop door closed behind him, he caught sight of a familiar back with a mass of untidy black hair, only feet from him. Sirius almost leaped for joy at seeing that he was accompanied by someone else he had hoped to see.

“Why, If it isn’t James Potter and Remus Lupin!” Sirius said loudly, rushing foreword putting an arm over each of their shoulders, “Just the men I was hoping to see!”
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What the hell!!! I'm Siruis!!! why are you posting him?
Because I was given the part to play him to play him, that's why. I'm not the one to be asking about it. I was told he was free.
I'm sorry about the misunderstanding, both of you. But please continue to RP our Sirius, _padfootblack. I'll get the issues with padfootlupin resolved in private shortly.