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Apothecary and Flourish and Blotts: ATTN Bellatrix

Ignoring the taunts from Potter, Severus briskly walked towards the Apothecary three shops from Gringotts. He would have an hour to himself, and would be able to get a few things without his mother ever noticing. He almost owed it to Potter for that one... Almost.

Looking into the barrels placed outside the Apothecary, he was greeted with things that were of the usual content that he owned. He would replenish that list when he continued the interrupted afternoon with Mother. Nodding to that, he opened the door and was greeted with the familiar jingle of the bell. Not to mention the owner a few moments afterward.

"Ah! Young Snape, so glad to see you once again my boy!"

Severus nodded to the man and crossed his arms, never disappointing the owner by this gesture one bit. He was accustomed to the Snapes' manner. "What certain things do you have today Sir?"

"Glad you asked, glad you asked! We've just replenished much of stock of faerie wings and rattlers' skin today with a fresh supply!"

"Hn.. Might I inspect them to see?"


As the owner hurried to the back of the Apothecary to get what was needed, Severus went over to the glass displays to see what was contained. He wasn't disappointed at all either, thankfully. And as the man came out from the darkened curtain, Severus inspected, and soon instructed to get a nice quantity of half a dozen items that were certainly Not on the list for Hogwarts Double Potions.

A quick good-bye and Severus headed towards Flourish and Blotts. He wanted to get a few different spell books, and perhaps renew his subscription to Ars Alchemica: a potions monthly letter where Masters published their theories.

Looking down the aisles, in case Potter and his crew were around, he was soon greeted with a fellow Slytherin. Hn, wasn't she a sixth or seventh year this year? No matter, she probably wouldn't recognize him anyway. Unfortunately she was down the aisle as to which a few of the more darker books that he had been wanting to inspect were stocked.

Down the aisle he went, and gently touching the spines of the books before he plucked one off the shelf that seemed much to his reading style (as long it wasn't something like those silly school girl romances he would read it). He would not take notice of her, if she did not take notice of him; a simple Slytherin rule.
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