Bellatrix Black (black_bellatrix) wrote in prelude_hprp,
Bellatrix Black

Flourish and Blotts ATTN Severus

Bellatrix picked up one of the books and smiled. Ah, I'm surprised to see this type of book here at Flourish and Blotts she thought to herself. I can't wait to get out of here so I can start reading it. As she turned and started walking towards another aisle to get her schoolbooks, she stopped abruptly. Wasn't that Severus Snape? He was younger than her. She wouldn't normally notice someone younger; they weren't worth the time of day. But Severus Snape was intreging to her. Neither her of Severus were very popular, although she couldn't care less what those fools at Hogwarts thought of her. By himself, as usual, she mused. I suppose I could say hello. She walked slowly towards Severus, who was being careful not to notice her. She smiled. "All right, Severus?" she asked, holding her new book closely to her chest.
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