James Potter (quidditch_king) wrote in prelude_hprp,
James Potter

Diagon Alley: ATTN Remus & Sirius

James had been about to turn and actually acknowledge what shop they had come upon after the sudden offset of muffled explosions and the gaggle of girls pushing past him and Remus in a huff. He did not need to look behind to distinguish that voice and match it to the source, however. "Sirius!" Lean form inclined slightly from not bracing himself for the gesture, but all the same his countenance was accompanied by a broad smile. A real smile this time, not one of the forced forms of amusement that would fail scrutiny under better-trained eyes. Reclaiming his composure to stand rightly, he lifted the weight of Sirius' arm from his shoulders so that he could turn and better face them both to spout off his news.

"'We were just talking about you'?" James echoed Remus. "More like, 'we were just tearing apart Diagon Alley looking to find you'!" A bit of an exaggeration when based on a first good guess of a fluke; but it would have happened anyway should the other ebon haired boy not been within his main area of interest. With this rather different, though enthusiastic, greeting, James continued. "You wouldn't believe who I found Remus in quite the conversation with this morning." He grinned at Remus, knowing full well that with the revealed man of interest there was scarcely conversation to be had. "Snape." He finished, with a curl of distaste upon his tongue as if the single word itself was rancid. "Imagine having to see him first thing in the morning." Wistfully, he added in sympathy for Remus before picking up his former tone.

"I had to get Remus away from his parents, it was like he was drowning. And in the process, I got Snape to come along and spend an hour with us as well. Without any parents around on a lovely busy day full of people."

A rather impish glint caught in those hazel orbs spurred by the plans he had formed, but now that he was with two of his close friends the dwindling hour hardly seemed worth his time in making Snape's life more miserable. They had all school year to do that.
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