James Potter (quidditch_king) wrote in prelude_hprp,
James Potter

Diagon Alley: Remus and Sirius

Heaving a rather exasperated sigh as his regard for Remus' lack of spirit, James shrugged it off and cast a hopeless glance at the other raven-haired boy before following. Too soon it was back to the boring drab of shopping with his parents, but at least Sirius did not seem to have a ticking time limit over his head. Neither did he, but his possible limitation lay within being spotted by either one of his parents, both of which were probably a bit miffed by his slipping away.

His wary recollection of his family was snuffed out as his attention then returned to their pacifist companion. The glances Remus passed between the letter and the alley were subtle, but easy enough to pique his interest. Before he could have leave to, of which was unlikely anyhow considering how secretive he made it appear, James had strode up directly behind before stepping out and snatching the parchment from Remus' hands.

"What do we have here?" He mused as a forefinger deftly pushed the glasses higher upon his nose bridge. As his eyes quickly darted across the letters to skim the contents, before it might be snatched away, the chocolate orbs widened and his face lit. "This is fantastic Remus! Why didn't you tell us that you've been made a prefect?!"

OOC: Sorry if you didn't want this to happen Recca. xx I would have asked to make sure it was all right but you weren't on. T_T And yeah, I think the end of the 'hour' in the Diagon Alley scenario would be a safe place to leave the rest of the boring shopping events to themselves. Hopefully the rest of the people will jump in once we get to the train and Hogwarts. ^^
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