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James Potter

Diagon Alley Closing

With the latest news of Remus being made prefect, James' morning was virtually brimming over in good spirits. He did catch the miffed modesty though, and with another glance over the letter just to relish in their reinforced rein of the school year, pushed the simple parchment back to Remus. With that elation overcome, James eagerly walked forwards, down the busy alley to catch the quidditch shop that would not go anywhere. He did not look back throughout his quick strides, but he knew that the two of them most likely knew where he was headed. Reaching a hand into his left pocket, he absent mindedly thumbed throughout the coins of gold that he had been saving on his allowance just to spend it today. With this gesture, however, his mind was caught up in daydreaming of all that he could choose from. Upon rounding the next corner, he ran into one of the last people he would have wanted to come across at that pivotal instant when his destination was in clear view.

"Mister Potter!" His mother boomed condescendingly. Despite that he was nearly taller then she was, her tone and expression clearly looked down on him. "Your father told me that you were a bit impatient to wait for him."

"Hullo Mum. I see you've already gotten a lot of the shopping done," James greeted, skirting around her opening thesis. "I saw Remus and Sirius and you know how it is when you see your friends after all these months. We were just going to do a little shopping together so we'll meet you later?"

"No you don't." Mrs. Potter stated firmly. She had half the mind to yank him back by the closest accessible ear, but considering his entry into the 5th year in less then a week, settled with constricting his upper arm with her free hand. "I'm very sorry boys," Jame's mother told the other two as-a-matter-of-factly once they swam into view amongst the crowd. "But James can't stay too much longer. Must hurry home to begin packing, you know how it is. Say good bye James."

James could not help but to gape at the cruelty of it all. Not only were they going home now when he had not even found Peter, but her grip itself told him that he would not be able to visit his favorite quidditch shop. This had to be the worst punishment since confiscating his broom last week because would just not stop practicing on it. With a half defiant, half begging, look for his mother to let go, he heaved a gargantuan sigh and turned towards all of them when she stared firmly ahead.

"You know, it wouldn't hurt if we maybe got each other a little something," casting furtive glances back at the shop, "since we haven't seen each other in so long..."

"Good bye boys, thank you for keeping James out of trouble," Mrs. Potter finished for him and started tugging him forcefully away towards the exit of the district. Once she could not see their former company she launched into a restrained tone of lecture, of which, James did not really care to listen to.

"See you in school!" James yelled back to them, waving grandly with his entirely capable arm.

OOC: I am so sorry that this took forever to get out. x_x If you would like, you can tie off your character meanderings here or you can simply leave it as that and start again at the platform. Thank you everyone who participated in the opening scene! I really do hope that our dormant players will show up soon in the next and that we haven't actually lost more people. T_T Let us know if you're having trouble working LJ or anything.
Also, I haven't forgotten about the icons I said I'd do, so I'll find a way to get them to you soon.
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